Sexting Laws In Illinois

Other states have adopted laws that specifically address teen sexting. In these states, such as Illinois,

In Illinois, minors (people younger than 18).

Looking for sexting laws and consequences? This list of federal and state laws spell out punishments for sexting crimes.

Read about some of the weirdest Wisconsin laws. Plus, find out about a bunch of city laws that are even crazier! You won’t believe some of these.

Teen sexting is a criminal offense in Illinois. If your teen has been charged, contact a Naperville defense attorney.

Laws Pertaining to Sexting in the State of Illinois. In 2010, Illinois passed a law that made sexing between minors illegal. In general, if two minors are caught sexting or a minor distributes sexually explicit images of another minor, under the Illinois' law each such minor would be charged with a misdemeanor and could be ordered to receive.

orland park, il – sexting – the law, the consequences

Summary of news and laws pertaing to sexting in the State of Illinois.

Illinois Office of the State’s Attorney Appellate Prosecutor and the Juvenile Justice Initiative. It is known as the “sexting law” and is part of the Minor Requiring Authoritative Intervention statute.

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Most of the sexting among young people is intended innocently.

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What are the sexting laws in Illinois? What about revenge porn? Here's what you should know about sending and receiving sexual pictures of teens.

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If you don’t know, sexting is distributing indecent photos via cell phone or computer. Starting January 1st, any minors caught sexting an image of another minor could be arrested; but their punishment.

orland park, il – sexting – the law, the consequences

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SEXTING BY MINORS IS A CRIME. There is a law in Illinois that prohibits the electronic dissemination by cell phone of any "indecent visual depiction" of a minor, by another a minor. What constitutes a.

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For Gleason, the key is educating law enforcement, educators and students. “I don’t think there is a school district in Union County that hasn’t had a program” on sexting in the schools.

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